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The elderly, disabled, those with compromised health, significant legal claims and families of the newly deceased worth 200k+, are being hunted by an operation I call

The Las Vegas Probate Mafia 

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights
Guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it.
By Rachel Aviv

"THE GUARDIANS"​ Documentary

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There exists a criminal enterprise running straight through the courts in Las Vegas. The perpetrators simply walk in with or e-file a Petition and walk out with an Ex Parte order giving them full control over persons, their assets and/or estates, immediate access to safe-deposit boxes, all historical medical and financial information, and the ability to force family and friends to divulge information they have concerning targeted persons.

At present, no paper, legal instrument appears capable of protecting any of us, for the secret court order suspends all Powers of Attorney as its first order of business. Trusts are routinely reconstructed, replacing successor trustees with those of the perpetrators' choosing and Wills go missing or are ignored altogether. 

How is this happening? An invisible referral network: Clark County Public Administrator, Clark County Public Guardian, Coroner, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD/Metro), Social Services, hospitals and nursing homes, along with a cadre of attorneys, assist one another in identifying those "unable to respond to a substantial and immediate risk of physical harm, need for medical attention and/or financial loss," creating a situation in which victims have nowhere to turn upon discovery of the countless violations of rights and police have simply refused to take reports. 

These schemes date back to the early 1980's. In December 2007, a LVMPD Fraud Detective was arrested for financially exploiting an elderly family having made a mortgage fraud complaint. In July 2017, then LVMPD Swat Commander was placed on paid administrative leave pending criminal investigation into financial exploitation of a now deceased elderly couple and was indicted February 14, 2018. 

While half of your brain may attempt to process this information, the other half will reject it outright. This site has been established as a training tool to overcome any cognitive dissonance resulting from the above-mentioned information, in hopes that we can talk, share, band together and establish a movement for justice. For nearly 40 years, nothing and no one has stood in their way...until now.

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