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The Media Storm of 2015...


and then, this

UPDATE: On January 4, 2019, April Parks was sentenced to 16-40 years in prison, not pursuant to the original 125-pg Indictment containing 270 felony counts including Racketeering, but pursuant to a 5-felony plea deal!


Senator Susan Collins' April 18, 2018 Opening Statement re: 

“Abuse of Power:

Exploitation of Older Americans by Guardians and Others They Trust”

referencing the October 2017 NewYorker article and expecting truth from her colleague: "...As that state’s former Attorney General, our colleague on this committee, Senator Cortez Masto, worked to improve the guardianship system here. And I very much look forward to hearing about her experience and the reforms that she instituted..."

On  Wednesday, November 28, 2018, I was present at the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing entitled, "Ensuring Trust: Strengthening State Efforts to Overhaul the Guardianship Process and Protect Older Americans."  Senator Masto arranged a cover for her, let's say...inactivity in relation to the nearly 4-decade criminal enterprise operating under the guise of guardianship/probate proceedings in Las Vegas courts. Masto's performance was incredible, as she called upon 'a friend' to assist her efforts to dodge Senator Collins' above-mentioned inquiry. However, I know the reality and I have much work to do...

To date, the Madoff of this operation and other PUBLIC OFFICIALS accused of committing the very same crimes as those indicted, remain unaffected.​​



Having viewed this film on November 3, 2018, Alameda County, California Supervisor, Nate Miley, felt the need to act.  On January 11, 2019, Supervisor Miley hosted a screening of The Guardians Documentary before Law Enforcement, Public Officials, Academia and local residents, followed by a marvelously planned and executed post-screening panel discussion. Once you see The Guardians, feel free to watch the panel discussion here:

AARP California



On January 17, 2019, AARP California embraced The Guardians Documentary as a POWERFUL TOOL and posted the trailer on its social media channels - sharing it with 140,000 followers!


An "out-of-network" BANK INVESTIGATOR was able to capture the attention of authorities relating to Patience Bristol (low-lying fruit), but victims could not.  Meanwhile, the Godfather/Madoff of the operation? ...


Stay tuned, more to come as we build...

  Excerpts from actual court records and media...


   The injury and loss of my father due to medical malpractice cut me to my core. Despite being wounded, I did all the right things. I desperately sought answers, called on police, visited the coroner, hired an attorney, and probated his Will.  However, the occurrences of February 28, 2003, changed my life further, forever. The perpetrators were unaware of my background in the legal field. They never imagined I would understand the scheme sooner, rather than later - the scheme to steal my father's estate claim, along with my voice as his daughter, his Power of Attorney, Executrix, Successor Trustee and the only eye witness.

   Upon witnessing a man in probate court begging to see his living mother, observing his vicious opposition and experiencing an attorney say to me on the courthouse steps, "Whatever it is they want, give it to them, because what they are about to do to you won't be worth it," I immediately turned on my heels, found the records room and started combing probate files to learn the details and origins of the perpetrators' operation. What I witnessed in one day was too smooth and too perfect to be a fluke. 

   I learned of the Ex Parte petition and order calculated to circumvent my father's Will and Trust, filed while I held his memorial out of state. A cursory review of other probate cases illustrated that the probate court was essentially operating as a machine, handing out Ex Parte orders to seize control of estates, like candy.  Many of the probate cases referenced a "G" case, which I would soon learn was a GUARDIANSHIP case. Guardianship proceedings and records were housed at another location, 11.8 miles away. Upon review of an equal number of guardianship files, it soon became apparent that an identical Ex Parte machine existed in the Las Vegas family courts. This time, the objective appeared to be seizure of living persons and their estates, immediate liquidation of all property interests and investment with their firms, without so much as a word to the targeted person(s) named in the documents.

   The crimes being committed in Las Vegas are near perfect in design. Victims are helpless to articulate them, the police have refused to take reports for decades, the fraudulently obtained court orders, amounting to "secret" orders, appear valid on their faces and they are afforded full faith and credit throughout the country, pursuant to the United States Constitution! Though only one component of the operation has been exposed thus far, know that there are two components of the operation - Guardianship and Probate. The perpetrators move between courts as necessary to achieve their illegal objectives. This is no less than Madoff-sized fraud and the Godfather of the operation has taken his "hostile approach" to guardianship and probate matters abroad. 


  Please take The New Yorker article and circulate it in your neighborhoods and communities. Take it to your local news stations.  Designate someone to take it to the FBI field office in your area. While the same crimes may be occurring in pockets all over the country, the sophistication of the Vegas operation is unprecedented. There may be someone in your town that eventually received notice as a relative or has nominated the perpetrators in Vegas to act, without understanding who they are and what they really do. The first Ex Parte Order suspends/revokes all Powers of Attorney. Wills and Trusts are routinely amended and/or ignored. This is not your individual burden! This must be handled by the Federal Government and Federal Law Enforcement. 

   I stumbled onto this matter as a scholar and a victim. No one was watching or digging. Someone had to, and that someone was me. Please share your stories and keep this topic alive. What do we work 20-30 years to establish if this is the result? Let us combine to protect each other. 

   My prayers go out to those in Las Vegas who no longer wish to be there.  

I love you, Daddy.

"THE GUARDIANS"​ Documentary
Release Date: January 15, 2019 
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